Pixan is a community-based nonprofit organization that empowers the most isolated and marginalized women from the Highlands of Guatemala. The organization focuses its efforts in this region because the area has high concentrations of indigenous communities that generally rank lowest in quality of life indexes, life expectancy and access to basic services. Pixan uses all profits to provide art and education programs for teachers and children, fund health workshops, initiate community development, and provide business training for their artisans and staff. They fight the male-dominated culture, maschismo, by providing work that can be done in the home around other household responsibilities. Women use the traditional techniques of the back strap loom, the pedal loom, and natural dyes made from bark and flowers to produce their beautiful contemporary designs.

Artisan Voices

"Each weaving has a meaning - a story. I want other countries to know that here in Guatemala, there are many talented women who dedicate their time and precision to creating something beautiful and unique. "
— Dona Pascuala