Asha Handicrafts


Asha Handicrafts has been a leader of the fair trade movement in India for over 40 years. Asha, which means “hope” in Sanskrit, aims to transform the lives of Indian artisans by offering access to the international market for their handcrafted goods. In an effort to preserve traditional Indian craft techniques, Asha offers craft development training to hundreds to artisans in cooperatives and family workshops throughout the country. In addition to serving as a bridge to the international market, Asha also provides primary health care, tuition support, leadership training, and women’s rights education to their artisans who would otherwise lack access to these resources.

Artisan Voices

“With the money that I earn from Asha, I can finance my studies. I was able to complete my graduation, and now I am studying to earn my Master’s degree in Education and English Literature. Fair Trade has enabled me to pursue my dream and complete my graduation.”
— Farhat Di