Nuptse Craft

Nuptse Craft


Nuptse Craft provides employment for Nepali women and sustains the ancient technique of felting. Originally known as Friends Handicraft, Nuptse Craft started operating as its own entity in the summer of 2017 along with Nirjala Craft. Based in Kathmandu, Nepal, Nuptse Crafts's mission is to combat urban poverty. It supports skills-training and income-generation programs for 68 female heads-of-households living in and around the capital and provides access to education for their children, fostering a sense of independence in an otherwise marginalized population.

Nuptse Craft provides flexible yet sustainable work to its employees. Every artisan works full time and is paid monthly by the cooperative. Approximately 75 percent are married, and 70 percent are mothers. Some employees are able to complete their stitching work from home, allowing them to stay with their young children while they work. All artisans have the option to catch the bus to work free of charge, and each day, a hot lunch is provided for all employees. Nuptse Craft also sponsors a bi-annual retreat for its employees, focusing on dancing, music and food, to celebrate twice a year as a team.

Artisan Voices

“I have been working here for 14 years. I have two children and support both their education expenses from my earnings here. As I learn more skills and techniques, I'm able to produce new products. I love what I am doing and want to continue learning and working as long as I can.”
— Parbati Lama